Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rejection (from a publisher) on Valentine's Day

I made a post this morning about staying positive about being single on Valentine's Day. In the interest of being honest (the job of a writer) the more I hear and read about V-Day the more I am negative about it. After all it's not just the celebration of love, it's very specific, it's about the love between people in relationships. What does this holiday have to offer us who aren't in a relationship? It's like people who wish everyone Merry Christmas during the holidays; not everyone is Christian or believes in Christmas.

Luckily I did go to yoga today, which always makes me more positive. It helps me open my heart, always a good thing to do. It also makes my mind reach a meditative state. Life is long, there is still hope to find someone to love. It probably won't happen today, but it could happen tomorrow; maybe it will happen with someone I've already met, but just isn't in my life on this particular day.

I also got my first rejection letter for Climbing Out of Bed today. What a bummer, they had to deliver it on Valentine's Day. I'm bummed. Kick me when I'm down, I think. But, this stuff is all part of the process. It took years for Jack Kerouac to get On The Road published. Jay-Z was rejected by the music industry, so he decided to start his own record label.

So that is what I think I'm going to do. I'm leaning towards self publishing Climbing Out of Bed. What do traditional publishers know anyways? Self publishing has been working well for The Climbing Zine Volume 3 so why not try it with my book?

Anywho, I figured I'd come clean about my state of mind on this holiday, honesty is the path for the writer. And like Jay-Z once rapped, "I drove through the fork in the road and went straight." It just might be my time to be a renegade in the world of publishing.

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Alan said...

hell ya brother! Publish the path that suites you. I've got good faith that the next step with Climbing Out of Bed will be something you forsee as the 'fit' for it.

Self-publishing sounds great! Perceive the wall, but do not be daunted by the process of getting over the wall :)



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