Thursday, February 2, 2012

eLaboration on Motion and eMotion

As I wrote some last night I am currently staying waaaaaaay out in the hills, on a 30 acre property. I am house sitting an off-the-grid house, one that is more sustainable than any other type of dwelling I've ever stayed in. The people who own the house grow their own food, have various animals (pigs, horses, chickens), and get most of their energy from the sun (solar).

On day four I'm finally settling into this place, and I am starting to appreciate the solitude. At first I wasn't sure if they had the internet, but they do, so I feel a connection to the rest of the world. It's like if Henry David Thoreau had Facebook at Walden. It is what it is.

Solitude is a crazy thing because it makes you directly look into your own soul. Looking in I am happy with some things, and other aspects of my life, such as my dietary habits, I realize need to be improved.

As I wrote last night too I feel that yearning for love. All human beings feel that, and that is what brings us together. Even in this day and age with so many technological advances what we truly need stays the same. And that is why I wrote last night that all we are is love. That is the greatest thing we possess, the greatest gift we can give, and the greatest thing to share. Without love what are we?

Well, there's my morning thoughts from the solitude of Windy Ridge. I'll post some photos as soon as I start taking some. The view from the outhouse is world class.

Much Love,


Alan said...

love the feeling you convey in this post man. I know for me, without love I am a cruel, bitter, estranged man. A sense of love from another has finally been able to penetrate my Mind; I wish the same thing for you (and yes, I am careful in wishing for this! :) )

Excited to see pictures of the pad...a little solitude tells what we most need vs. want in life.

Cheers from afar friend :)

Cliff Cash said...

word Alan, this place is either going to drive me crazy, or put me in a very good peace of mind, so far its been both! but overall good ! -Luke

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