Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Winter climbing 2010-11

To keep things fresh I'm posting some photos from the winter 2010-11 climbing season. I'm working on some prose about the season thus far, so that should be posted shortly. One Love, Luke

Jonathan Schaffer climbing on the Golf Wall, Durango

View from East Animas, Durango

Two Tent Timmy, showing that even in the winter in Durango, you can climb shirtless

Schaffer at East Animas

Dave Ahrens at the Golf Wall. Check the scar from the liver transplant surgery he had a couple years back, when he donated most of his liver to his Mother

Two Tent cookin' bacon at the Super Bowl campground, Indian Creek, Utah

The Bridger Jack towers on the left hand side, and the South and North Sixshooter towers

Yours truly on Scarface, usually a crowded climb, but in January you're likely to have it all to yourself

Two Tent at the Cat Wall

A view of the Supercrack Buttress with the Cowboy, Indian, and Bottle of Whiskey formation in the background

Below is a link to the Indian Creek guidebook. I'm hooked up through Amazon, so if you buy it from them I get hooked up! word.

Indian Creek: A Climbing Guide

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