Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Rambling, Amping Up for the Zine Thing

I've been a bit silent with inner ramblings on this blog; getting into a summer writing routine has taken some time. But, I feel like I'm getting it back, settling into a pattern of writing something every morning, the key to the art for me.

This week I've been soaking in the Gunnison Valley summer, and it's hit me, this is it. This is what I live for: good friends, beautiful weather, and re-creation in the outdoors.

I've also been preparing for tomorrow’s “Climbing Zine Thing”, which will take place at the Firebrand in Gunnison at 6:30 p.m. It’s a release party for The Climbing Zine Volume Three. I’ve been frequenting the Firebrand for over a decade and it will be an honor to present there.

Looking through my photos as I’ve put them together for the slideshow, an overwhelming emotion comes over me; I am grateful that I’ve lived this climbing life for so long, and that I am still here to tell the stories of living such an existence.

I am also grateful for my friends that I share these adventures with. The last few years I’ve been trying to let go of my ego more and more, and simply enjoy what happens on a climbing excursion, with an emphasis on safety and friendship with my climbing partners. “If you’re still friends with your climbing partner when you come down, it was a success,” is a quote that has been running through my head a lot lately.

Another prevailing thought that I’ve had while preparing the slideshow is how much I love the climbing lifestyle, and sharing that with my various partners. It’s what I live for, and the climbing life is the greatest thing I’ve found on my 32 years rambling on this planet.

Here are some of the photos from the slideshow I’ll be giving tomorrow. We’d be honored to have you there if you’re in the neighborhood.

Peace, Luke

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Climbing Zine Thing at The Firebrand

Official Release Party for The Climbing Zine Volume 3

The Firebrand Delicatessen will host “A Climbing Zine Thing” on Thursday June 30 at 6:30 p.m. The event will celebrate the official release of the third volume of The Climbing Zine, written by Colorado author Luke Mehall.

The Climbing Zine is an independent publication that aims to offer a unique view on the world of climbing, and its culture. The zine focuses primarily on the essence of climbing, and the journey that takes place during these adventures.

The featured story from volume three is called “Go West Young Man in The Freedom Mobile”, a tale about two men heading from Colorado to California, in late autumn, a vehicle well over 200,000 miles that seemed destined to break down at any moment; all for the hope to climb another day as the climbing season is winding down.

Mehall and Al Smith III (co-founders of The Climbing Zine) will present slideshows of recent adventures and misadventures, and the Firebrand will be selling wine and beer. The event is free, and copies of The Climbing Zine will be for sale. Attendees are asked to show up on time so the Firebrand crew can get their beauty sleep, in order to wake up and serve the people Friday morning.

The Firebrand is located at 108 N. Main St. in Gunnison. Any further questions about the event can be directed to Mehall at

Thursday, June 16, 2011

And the Summer Begins...Skyland Boulders, Crested Butte, Colorado

Crested Butte Magazine Summer Issue

The summer Crested Butte Magazine was also released recently. I've got three articles in this issue, and my good friends Ben Johnson and Greg Pettys also have articles published. Read it for free online here, or pick up a copy if you're around Crested Butte. It's one of the finest free publications out there anywhere.

Andrew McKean climbing Right El Skyland at the Skyland Boulders in Crested Butte.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Black Canyon piece in Gunnison Country Magazine

The Gunnison Country Magazine released its annual issue recently, and one of the features is something I wrote about the Black Canyon. For this piece I interviewed two climbers: Phil Broscovak, who has been climbing in the canyon since the 1970s, and Seth Calkins, who has been climbing there a bunch in the last five years. Hope you enjoy, the piece starts on page 24.

Tim Gibson in the Black Canyon with the Painted Wall in the background. Photo by Jonathan Schaffer

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