Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Dumpster Diving Rap

I wrote this rap with my good friend, Brian Malone. I thought it would be the beginning of my rap career, but in reality is the only true piece I've dedicated much time to. We really need to record it someday. Until then, enjoy the written words. word.

I was hanging with B
He looked over at me
He said where you wanna go?
I said dumpster diving yo!

So we got on our bikes
Thought we just might
Find a small solution
To consumer pollution

Soon as we arrived
We got in and dived
I found a red hat
But not only that
I got a red jacket
And a movie with Bob Saget

Dug a little deeper
Found two speekers
Complete with tweeters
Soon we had our fill
And we couldn’t believe this stuff
Was headed to the land fill

So I looked over at B
He looked back at me
He said where you wanna go?
I said City Market yo, but not inside the sto’ outside the back door

We heard the trash compactor was broke
But me and B thought it was a joke
But imagine the look of surprise
When just later we were eating apple pies

So me and B went back to our home
With enough grub for our domes
After dinner there was time to chill
And lucky for us nobody got ill

Later it was 11:30
So we went to the brewery
Saw this girl, asked her what brings you to Gunny?
She said you smell kinda funny
I wasn’t going to even ask
What can I say I get my clothes from the trash

Saw this other girl I knew
I liked her skirt it was blue
Things were going great until
“this is Nate he’s my date”

I tried not to worry
Cuz whats the hurry
They tell me theres plenty of fish in the sea
And theres lots of fine girls in gunny

So we walked out the drinking place
And a frown came upon our face
Our townies were missing
While the girls were dissing
Some drunk as skunk punks
Were taking our funky junks
I yelled I knew we should have locked em
Lets find those punks and sock em

But B calmed me down
He was like lets go down
To Loves

So we walked in the door to the store
No surprise to me
A new employee
Servin biscuits and sandwiches
B got his biscuit and added onions
At the last minute I was like lets get some Funions
B ate and said he was full
I opened up a red bull
B was like why are you sippin caffeine?
Give it a minute B you’ll see what I mean

Cuz when he was in the store alone
I went out to the pay phone
And put in two quarters
And called up these two girls

I just met em at Hartman Rocks
They were climbing the rocks
I just stood there drinking
Didn’t know what B was thinking
When the girls rolled up in a Benz

“I am Wendy and this is my friend”
Her name was Annette
A nice looking brunette
“Would you like a ride in our Benz?”
So with that we saw a way
To end our delightful Gunnison day

This poem was written with Brian Malone aka Malonalicious

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