Monday, February 20, 2012

Continual Experimentation

As I’ve written before several times this month my writing path has been on a different course than ever before. I’m promoting my writing more than ever, and I’ve also been writing more blog posts than usual. It’s an outlet, and I HAVE to write, just as I have to breathe. I would rather be writing a book at the moment, but all good things in all good time.

So this is an experimental phase for me, and isn’t being an artist a continual expression of experimentation?

I’ve found myself continually thinking of the power of blogging. This is a new power, a new outlet, something that everyone with a computer has now. The power no longer lies simply in the institutions, the newspapers, and this is a beautiful thing.

Spring is in the air here in Durango, Colorado, and I’m super psyched about that. Winter is typically my most productive time of year, writing-wise, but there is more to life than work. Life is meant to be lived, and with the dawning of spring I dream about what I want to experience.

My dear friend Adam Lawton’s passage has changed me forever. There have been countless tears, but out of darkness comes light. Adam continues to inspire me each and every day. Because he left his body, he’s motived me to realize I have only a finite amount of time in mine. Adam, thanks for springing my life forward into the light. I’m sure there is light where your spirit exists now. Love you and miss you man.

I watched one of my favorite speeches again last night, the Steve Jobs commencement address to Stanford University in 2005, which I’ll post at the end of this blog. The speech is so inspiring, mainly because Jobs had recently faced death himself with the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. Jobs was encouraging the audience to pursue their dreams, and to also endure failure, setbacks, and moments of doubt. He was a genius, and he inspires after death.

The sun is shining outside. Spring will soon be upon us. Our dreams are leading us into the light, though we may have to endure some darkness to see that light. What are you dreaming of today?

The great Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Address

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