Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I have been out of a solid writing routine lately. It happens. I'm a writer, and the more I write the more I also realize there are other elements to being a published author besides actually writing. Lately I've been promoting my writing alot. Someday maybe I'll have people that do that for me, but currently I do it myself, tooting my own horn as they say. That said, I hope to get immersed in a big writing project in the near future. With another house sitting gig on the way after this one, I certainly have plenty of free time on my hands.

Today is Valentine's Day. Like many folks out there I am single on Valentine's Day. This used to bother me in the past, but it really doesn't, at least not today. With the exception of Thanksgiving, I'm not really big on holidays. I think holidays have so many falsities attached to them that getting upset because I don't have a special ladyfriend on a certain day would be silly, don't you think?

I do think it is cool there's a day to celebrate love though. So that's exactly what I will do today. I love my life. I love my family. I love my friends. I love climbing, and everything that has come along with it. In a couple hours I'm headed to a yoga class. I love yoga more and more as I get older and learn more about it. It is a beautiful thing.

It's snowy and cold outside my writing window at the moment. I just got a final draft to the last story for The Climbing Zine Volume 4 from D. Scott Borden, so I'm going to send that off to our wonderful graphic designer Mallory Logan. We're close to shipping! Hopefully I can get back in the zone of creating something beautiful and long for the people, after this project is done. I guess that is the head space of the writer. It's great to see something published, but a true artist knows she or he is only as great as what they are working on at the moment.

Much Love,

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Alan said...

git r done. Happy V-day friend



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