Monday, February 27, 2012

Man on Wire, Following Dreams, Opportunities

Last night I finished the film, Man on Wire, about a Frenchman who wire-walked between the Twin Towers in New York City in 1976. It was a fascinating film, and there was a very uplifting tone to it. Phillipe Petit was a man who followed a dream, and achieved it. Those type of people inspire me.

Our world is full of people who follow dreams, yet ruled by those who live in fear. There are notable exceptions, but most people don’t realize their true divinity and potential.

I am not a writer who focuses on the negative, and that is not the intention of this piece. This piece is about following dreams. It occurred to me this morning that following your dreams is also about following opportunities that lead you to your dreams.

I have now lived in Durango, Colorado for one year. I have been reflecting on this because the paper I write for here, The Durango Telegraph, is going to have me write a piece tentatively titled, A Year of Dirtbagging in Durango. This is a dream come true to write something like this.

I came to Durango following a vision. I wanted to make a new start in life. My dream job at the college in Gunnison became a nightmare when I was given a boss, who was like the wicked witch of the west. So instead of living in fear after she cut my job to half-time, I resigned and looked to follow my heart where it would lead. I envisioned that I would make it on my own, finally write my first book, and publish The Climbing Zine as a career.

A year later I have finished my first book Climbing Out of Bed, and The Climbing Zine is building a format to become financially stable. We’re not there yet, and although there are moments of doubt and frustration, I am still following my dream. The reality is that although I have very little money, I am happier than I have ever been. That realization is enough for now, and I know I must continue to work hard to manifest the dreams, so they become reality.

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