Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Underwear Story and Patagonia

Well today has def. been the biggest game changing day in my writing career. Late yesterday afternoon, Patagonia published a story about my dream to become an underwear model on their blog, The Cleanest Line. It's a trip because I wrote the first draft of the 561 word story over four years ago, and submitted it to Patagonia to use. They liked it, but couldn't find a place for it. Late last year I revised and resubmitted the story to them. In 2012 there is a place for a funky, strange tale about underwear, hot springs, the ladies and some strangeness in Salt Lake City, Utah. The place is blogs! So word up to that.

The Cleanest Line is a dope blog, and I'm psyched they published the story. It's crazy to think my writing reaching the audience that Patagonia reaches. It's actually blowing my mind at the moment.

Just as I was about to hit click on this piece, a stranger taps me on my shoulder, I thought I was about to get kicked out of the library, but instead she says, "hey look at the sunset, sometimes i get too involved in my work to look up and I thought you might miss it." I was missing it. Wise words from that lady.

To read The Underwear Story, visit The Cleanest Line.

word and peace,
Luke Mehall

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