Monday, January 16, 2012

The start of a new project...

It's a new year, and time to start another new project. This is the start of something new...enjoy!

photo by Jonathan Byers

In a world that had lost its way we sat together at a cliff. It was just the two of us, there, at that moment. Our other friends, the others in the tribe, they were just around the corner, still climbing on the red rocks. We sat together, intertwined, as we shared a beer. Our love was just beginning, yet comfortable enough to know that, here, exactly where we were at this moment, was everywhere we ever wanted to be, as we sat silently, watching the sun set.

Her love and comfort was unexplainable, the greatest thing I’d ever known. As they say the best things in life are free. I hoped she felt the same about me, and by the way she opened her lips to kiss, it was enough of a hint for me to believe she did.

The sunset was dramatic, first a hint of orange and red, and then a dominating red across the sky. Red rock cliffs and towers loomed in the distance, and an occasional bird flew by. I looked at her face and then kissed her lips. I knew at that moment nothing could ever compare to this. So I remained in the moment and kissed her again.

I loved him then, and I had a feeling I would love him forever. Thank God I’d finally found a good, honest rock climbing man. The males in the mountain town culture are diamonds in the rough. I was happy to be growing older, and to be meeting older men. We grew together that evening when we sealed our love in our beloved red rock desert.

New love is perhaps the greatest thrill in life. I’d loved and lost many times before this man, and there was the possibility in my mind that this rollercoaster cycle would continue for my entire life. Then here he was, this lover, yogi, dirtbag, all rolled up in a package, that seemed to be just for me.

But this sunset, in some ways I wished we could just become one with it, and go where it was going. We were new lovers, but in our thirties experienced enough to know sustaining love was a greater challenge than any climb we might attempt together. We had new love, in an old world, a world that needed love more than anything else.

Our friends hiked around the corner to find us content and in love. I would have never thought of it like that then, love is a bold proclamation, but now I know it was love, and I know we were content and in the moment. The group, two other couples that had been couples for some time now gave us a look of happiness, contentment, even a hint of jealously at our new found love. Spiritual seekers of love are always waiting for this moment, to establish a connection of the divine in the outdoor world, a moment that berths hope to every dream that is still alive in one’s heart.

Just like that the sun was setting further down, the red and pink went away and a purple hue hung on briefly. We packed up our backpacks, as we hiked down the cliff, weaving and turning down the red rocks and dirt.

Fire. Fire is the first thought when we return to camp. The cool air of the desert night cries out fire. So we build a fire, and we all huddle around it before we cook dinner. We savor the feeling that we built from the day.

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