Saturday, July 7, 2012

Striving to Live The Dream

One of the biggest reasons I'm excited to be done writing my first book, Climbing Out of Bed, is that I can start writing my second book. It will be another epic adventure, and already, before having written a word, I am willing to suffer for it, suffer to make it perfect, and strive to live the dream.

That was something I really admired about Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple computers, who passed away last year. He wanted his products to be the best, and to delight consumers.

I want to do the same with my writing. I want to deliver prose and stories that send the reader into a state of meditation and engagement.

I also want to take this philosophy and apply it to other areas of my life: relationships, climbing, and even simple day to day interactions. I owe it to the world to give me best in everything. After all, what else are we here for?

On the other side of this, I find myself disappointed when others don't give their full effort into something. When service at a restaurant is sub par, or something isn't consistent at the coffeeshop I frequent. Like the tea I just ordered: light on the herb of yerba-mate, which makes the drink unsatisfying.

Anywho, after the stress last week of getting my book ready, I am recharging to begin another effort, another dream, for you.

Luke Mehall is the publisher of The Climbing Zine.  

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