Sunday, July 8, 2012

Climbing Out of Bed Chapter List

Hey ya'll here's a chapter list for Climbing Out of Bed:

 photo by Braden Gunem 

1.     Climbing After Kerouac
2.     Untitled Poem, Inspired by Hartman Rocks
3.     Wide Eyes, High Times and Hard Times, a Story of Climbing with Mark Grundon
4.     The Way of the Couch Surfer
5.     Weird and Wheeled Encounters in Hitchhiker’s Space
6.     This is Buildering
7.     A Climber in the Winter of his Discontent
8.     Somewhere in Between Dreams and Smog is Love
9.     The Underwear Model Story
10.   Wild Mountain Honey
11.   Hammer’s Time
12.   Wild Tom Mally
13.   Real Mountain People
14.   Naked Disco Dance Party in J-Tree
15.   Home is Where the Climbing is
16.   Climbing Out of Bed
17.   A Year in the Heart of a Climber
18.   Mary Jane, a Climber’s Thoughts on the Legalization of Marijuana
19.   Trying to Hang with Ben Johnson
20.   The Black Canyon, a Poem
21.   Zen Dishwashing
22.   The Freedom Mobile
23.   Last Thoughts on Adam Lawton
24.   Indian Creek Reflection, Before it All Slips Away
25.   Dumpster Diving Rap

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