Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Climbing Zine Dedication: Adam Lawton

My good friend Adam Lawton, who died this past winter was always beyond psyched on all the zines we published. He truly believed in me as a writer, and it is only fitting we dedicated this most recent volume to him. I feel your spirit everyday brother. 


Anonymous said...

Luke- I have been reading your blog since January and I am hooked! The funny thing is, I have never once been climbing. Adam Lawton is my brother and I was so touched by the blog entry on 1-11, "Last Thoughts on Adam Lawton". You were able to so articulately capture the essence of Adam. I have read that post about 100 times and each time it makes me smile, while simultaneously bringing tears to my eyes. I see why Adam believed in your writing- you have a gift. From reading your blog, I can see how much you and Adam had in common and you were fortunate to have each other as friends. Thank you for dedicating the 4th volume of the Climbing Zine to Adam. I miss my brother so much everyday and it warms my heart to know that you and others are keeping his memory alive. Best, Erica

Luke Mehall said...

Erica, Thanks for the comment. I am working on a slideshow for the zine which I'm giving tomorrow. Been looking through a bunch of photos of Adam, and it's been fun. Funny he's been coming up all day with various different people. Thanks for the kind words, Adam is certainly alive within each and every one of us!


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