Friday, April 27, 2012

Repose of the Modern Writer, committing to a place and space

The best way for me to write something is to have someone expect it from me, or have other things to write. Yes, I am our generation’s writer, the one sitting in front of a computer with the simple task of writing, with the infinite world of the interweb at my fingertips.

The possibilities are endless, and so are the distractions.

The challenge of my generation is to simply focus and get started.

My writing inspiration comes and goes, from day to day, month to month, season to season. Making an effort every day, and reading other people’s work, is the only formula that has worked magic for me. A quiet writing space is also key. And having a muse, something to write about, that is essential.

My muse is the west, my people, Durango and beyond. Durango is a new home for me, I’ve lived here just over a year, and recently I decided that instead of traveling around this summer or moving back up higher in the mountains to Crested Butte, like I did last summer, I’m going to stay put here. It will be interesting to see what fruits come up as a result of planting my roots here in this desert/mountain town.

Summer is very much in the air here. Summer brings out something in the soul. We shed out of our layers, and are more naked to living than any other season. With nakedness comes urges, beauty, risk, reward, is not every summer lived in peace one of love?

Is Durango looking to me, as much as I am looking to her? She is my new home, and around every corner is an opportunity for discovery. If I look for it every day I can find a new climb, new singletrack, new people to meet; my only limitation is myself.

I have moved to this town with the intention of blossoming into the artist and man I truly want to be. I have connected with other souls that share the same interests and desires. I am committed to following my heart, and not money, though every dirtbag needs some money.

In this life I’ve chosen, the one of writer and climber, there are moments of frustration, moments of clarity, moments of doubt, moments of pure concentration and focus; what will today bring?

With summer in the air, my mind starting to focus on the simplicity of writing, today will bring what it does, newness, freshness, an opportunity to live in the moment. With all the distractions possible in this modern world, that challenge seems as inviting as ever.





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