Monday, April 16, 2012

Changes, The Climbing Zine and Luke’s Bloggie Blog

Something really cool is going to happen for The Climbing Zine this week. On Friday, April 20th we are going to release the e-reader version of Volume 4, and we are going to launch our official website. That is so awesome for many reasons, and it also means the terrain of this blog will open up. Most of my climbing-related blogging will be posted on The Climbing Zine’s website, and this site will feature other sides of what I like to write about.

I love to write, and an essential part of writing is doing it everyday. Practice the craft, put in your time; I believe in this. I also believe writing is the greatest thing I have to share with the world. It is really the greatest gift I feel I’ve been given.

I’m stoked to write about: family, friendship, love, changing of seasons, emotions, nutrition, gardening, mistakes, bicycles, travel, books, zines, yoga, music, dancing, running; everything that makes my life worth living. I want to occasionally reach that ‘tingle in the spine’ moment with my words, for the reader.

I started this blog a few years ago because people kept asking me if I had a blog, when I told them I was a writer. It became the source for news on The Climbing Zine, when it really took off, and now that zine has a life of its own, and this Friday it will have its own landing page.
Life is a beautiful struggle. Thanks for all the love, and I promise to continue delivering the goods.

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