Thursday, November 3, 2011

Climbing Out of Bed, Update on the Book

I'm closer than ever to completing one of my life's goals, publishing a book. Most of the material is done, and now I'm figuring out the best way to publish the book to get it in as many hands as possible. (please comment below if you have some thoughts). It's looking like I will publish it as an e-book, as well as a regular old book. I've been getting advice from editors, friends and complete strangers, and as I reach out to the world, the world is embracing and helping me achieve my dream.

The dream, living the dream, these are words we climbers throw out, and the incredible thing about it, is that we often get to achieve our dreams. We get to climb into the clouds, and touch that divine source of inspiration and spirituality, whatever you may want to call it. This source of energy is the source that has compelled me to write.

My book "Climbing Out of Bed" should be available before the holiday season. Though I've been constantly rewriting, reworking and editing, several themes have emerged, reflective of the life I've been living the last twelve years out here in the Rockies: rock climbing, mountain town culture, couch surfing, hitchhiking, buildering, road tripping, friendship, humor and love.

Keep it touch, and again please let me know if you have any suggestions for publishing.


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