Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chillin' at the Stokelab

For the last three weeks I've been engaged in about the coolest gig ever: posting material for

The Stokelab is the brainchild of Mike Horn and Justin Cash, and the sole purpose of the lab is to provide positive, inspiring content. There is a magazine (see issue number three, pages 76-84 for my piece on the dishwashing/climber life in Joshua Tree) videos, product reviews, Q and A's and photo essays over at the lab.

Today I posted a video about Dean Potter from the folks at Prana called Falling to Fly.

Earlier this week I also posted a video of the first ascent of Supercrack, worth a watch if merely to see what they were using for protection (hexes) back in the day, in the desert.

If you make it over, I hope ya'll enjoy your trip to the lab! Cheers, Luke

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