Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"It's Gettin' Hot in Here" Spring Indian Creek Photo Essay

After many days spent climbing and camping at Indian Creek this winter, the spring has finally arrived. I was there this past weekend with my friends Seth and Adam, and was shocked by the heat. It was almost too hot to climb in the sun at certain times of the day. So spring fever is upon us, here's the best photos I took over the weekend, which included a first free ascent of a new line on the Broken Tooth Wall.

Seth Calkins getting ready for an Unnamed pitch at the Optimator wall. Wish I had a closer up picture of Seth, because he had a sweet "chops" mustache going on.

Calkins on Anunnaki, at the Optimator Wall. This is one of the most aesthetic pitches at The Creek, and supposedly stays dry during a rainstorm, according to the guidebook.

Adam Ferro onsighting Double Bock, at the Optimator Wall.

The message board near the Bridger Jack Campground. Even if you're not waiting for a note, this message board often has entertaining messages like this one. Since there's no cell service at The Creek this board serves as the communication center.

The North Six Shooter, seen from the Creek Pastures campground.

Charlie taking a nap at the Second Meat Wall. The Six Shooters are in the background.

Adam Ferro on the first free ascent of Snaggle Tooth, a route on the far right side of the Broken Tooth Wall. Two Tent Timmy and I put this route up over the winter, and I was psyched to see Adam get the first free lead.

The sunset while driving back after my time in The Creek. Photo taken just outside of Dolores, Colorado. Every time I leave Colorado, no matter how short, I'm always psyched to see the "Welcome to Colorful Colorado" sign, and I immediately feel at home.

Cheers to you and yours getting out there this spring!

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Mountain Goat said...

Nice pictures Luke - looks like a great trip.

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