Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Sensitive Climber Guy (The Opposite of the Pussy Grabber)

Times are scary, and common sense decency seems to quickly be fading from day to day life. We’ve got a presidential candidate that freely talks about “grabbing pussys” and many people seem to accept that as okay.

            But this is not a political article; this is just a statement, an offering of hope, especially if you are an outdoorsy woman who is just looking a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T. My friends, there is a type. There is a guy. He is called The Sensitive Climber Guy.

            In my thirty-eight years of life I’ve never come across a more ethical group of human beings that my fellow outdoorsy people. Time in nature demands respect, patience, and knowledge. Holding your fellow human beings life in your hands on the other end of the rope molds one into something different. The further you take the risks, the more you understand.

            This Sensitive Climber Guy will not be hard to spot, but he may be hard to find. He may be overly polite. He may start the fire, cook you dinner, and offer you his warm puffy should it be cold around the campfire. He will lead some pitches, but he will offer your own lead. He’ll check your knot, your harness, and your helmet. He’ll give you the last bite of the clif bar. He will pick you flowers on the trail. He may even write you a poem or sing you a song. He will listen, that is the mark right there—see if he listens. Because even if he’s not talented in the realm of song or writing, you are his muse.

            There’s a surplus of these single guys — many of them spend so much time outside for work and play that their dating life suffers. They don’t know how else to live though. Many lament that they don’t meet any women — polite as they are — while the “bad hombres” like Trump run the world with such alarming masochism our instinct is to cover our children’s ears when he speaks. We’ll never call you “our bitch” and we’ll never grab your p****—well not until you ask us too.

            I’ll never understand what it’s like to be a woman. Your burden is greater than mine. I can only imagine a rational women’s fear of this monster that is rising to power. I’m sure for many women that have been abused and treated unfairly by men, he is a constant reminder of fear and pain.

            There can’t really be a solid conclusion for this little blog piece. I just wanted you to know we’re out there. I just wanted to say something sweet to as many ladies as I could reach. There are monsters in this world, many of them, with Trump at the top of the list. But away from the cruel world, on the fringes, in nature, there are good men—surely not all of them, but many of them. I just wanted you to know.

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