Friday, June 10, 2016

The Year of Vulnerability (a poem)

Did you know?

2016 is the year of vulnerability?
That no matter what
It's cool to be the real you
And the real me
That's vulnerability

No more: frontin-fakin-takin
from your real self
its time for feeling-loving-opening
To your real self

Cause we're fucking tired of
your Facebook self
your selfie self
your real self
is what we crave

Tell your selfie stick
It can suck my ----

Lick. That envelope
and write yourself a letter
tell yourself your heart wants better

I'll look at me.
And realize I ain't as cool
As I said I was last year
Or even that last beer

This year
I'll write with tears
I'll be unafraid
of my beating heart
Telling my brain to
Listen to that pain

The space between the heart and the brain
Imagine the possibility
Imagine the vulnerability

It aint 2004 no more though
Its 2016, all fresh and so clean

The cool you is the real you
You know that Andre 3000 you
the cool you is the real you
even if its the you who loves Ja Rule you

We all want to see it
Let that mutherfucker go
You can do it slow
or fast

Let that open hearted you
do some writing
or some poetry reciting
We wouldn't all be here tonight
if the possibility of real
wasn't so exciting
so inviting
so enlightening

We would all be at the mall
Or backs up against the wall
at a bar

Everyone wants that real you
That always says something true you
That walking with with swagger
of zero cool you

That you anyone can talk to

That vulnerable you

That's the you I want to be introduced to. 

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