Monday, July 29, 2013

Love Is Patient, Love Is Kind...

Tea brewed up, music flowing, a quick read over the papers I check every morning online, and its time to delve in the mind to write.

My mind has always found it easiest to write from the heart, and that is why I became a writer in the first place, words, energies, had to flow out of me onto something. The flow, which really started when I moved to Colorado in 1999, has never stopped. Words are a continuous river, though it has taken much discipline and study to understand the world of words and commas, capitalization, punctuation, and so on.

I started this blog when people kept asking me if I had a blog. A writer should have a blog, everyone would say. And, for the modern writer it is probably true.

And so I have this opportunity to share my heart, my soul, with whoever might find their way here. My blog is a journal of sorts, one that is an open book, so I try to write with an open mind, an open heart.

When I look into my heart this morning it is in recovery mode, recovery from a breakup. Two souls that were meant to only share some brief moments in time, the story has been told over and over again. One moment in loving embrace, the next separated by reasons and incompatibilities. Two good people, meant for some wonderful moments, yet not meant to weather the seasons, the storms of life. Anger, then sadness, hiking up to the mountains for some alone moments, for some tears on the drive up. Then realizing it was much better to try than not take the risk. Love is the greatest risk, I once read, and I will take that risk over and over.

The situation, the story has led me back to the moment. I lamented over the past, and worried about the future. I felt the pain of past heartache, and anger that the love of yesterday would not spill over onto today. Yet, more todays keep happening, more opportunities, more cards to play, more chances at love…

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