Wednesday, April 17, 2013

More Airport Reflections

Seven hours into a layover in the Denver International Airport with an unplanned bivy ahead of me (that's climber speak for sleeping somewhere unexpected) these are some things I've seen and noticed. I'm stoked to arrive at my destination of Monterrey, Mexico for my dear friends Mark and Norma's wedding. 

An old woman tells me her story
An unexpected landing in another place other than my destination
Finally, we arrive in Denver, my plane long gone
Tickets rebooked, time to chill, kill

Snow falls in April
It's always winter somewhere in Colorado

A young black man pushes an old white woman in a wheelchair
People get their shoes shined, I've never owned shoes that needed to be shined

The New Belgium Brewery restaurant is a haven for lunch
A brief intoxication of one beer
I don't crave any more
I eat really bad Chinese food for dinner

I dream of the woman I've been loving lately

I people watch and think how did we kill time without these glowing rectangles

I watch TV shows, movies and read newspaper headlines
Here today, gone tomorrow

The most fascinating sight of all
A kids basketball team in wheelchairs
One kid has only one full arm, no legs
They are smiling tossing two basketballs between the eight of them
They are smiling more than any of the other travellers I've seen
So much of life is perspective

The next plane is here
I'll sleep terribly tonight
I hate sleeping in airports
But the sweet reward: climbing tomorrow in a Mexican limestone paradise
Then on Saturday a wedding of two people who love one another,
and friends who love one another, and more new friends to meet
The pie in the sky leads somewhere...

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Al Smith said...

Love it. Thanks for sharing your poetical love brother. See you soon

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