Monday, July 25, 2011

The Art in Climbing Photo Essay

Nature is the perfect art. I don't know who said that, or if it's even been said, but here's a post with the perspective of climbing as art, or the art in climbing. Locations are: Canyonlands, Durango, the road, Yosemite, and Las Vegas baby! Enjoy.

Standing Rock in Canyonlands, Utah.

Rap anchor on Standing Rock.

Keith Brett on Standing Rock's last pitch.

Two Tent Timmy getting lowered off the Golf Wall, Durango, Colorado.

Some crazy hot springs rock on the way back into town from the Golf Wall.

The Watch Crystal, East Animas, Durango, Colorado.

The highway bivy. Somewhere just in Nevada, off Highway 50, on the way to Yosemite.

Chillin in Yosemite.

Shaun Matusawicz rackin' up.

Shaun and Two Tent hiking up to the Leaning Tower.

The Leaning Tower

The 4th class approach to the West Face on Leaning Tower. Don't recommend carrying a haul bag like this, the ledge gets small, and the bag is heavy. Tim took a nasty fall with the bag, luckily he was safely secured to the fixed line.

The eternal view below on an aid pitch...

Bridalveil Falls and Leaning Tower.

Scott Borden on the approach to Central Pillar of Frenzy on the Middle Cathedral. There was still snow on the approach when we were there in May!

Even Vegas can be art. We finished our big trip up with some chillin' in Sin City.

Shaun and Amy Stevens scoping out some climbs at the Panty Wall, Red Rocks, Las Vegas.

What a couple! Costumes are art.

The road goes on forever...

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