Thursday, October 21, 2010

Quick Q and A with Jonathan Schaffer on the Black Canyon

Favorite thing about the Black:
The remoteness, it’s an area that you can climb at without a lot of people around.

Least favorite thing about the Black:
The drive, I wish it was closer. I’ve almost hit deer, elk and even a mountain lion while driving home exhausted.

Favorite climb:
The Tuffnell-McGee on the Great White Wall. Established by the late Cameron Tegue, this climb encapsulates the entire Black Canyon experience.

Personal Black Canyon hero:
Mike Pennings of Ridgway, Colo. He’s done more routes than anyone down there, and is still getting after it climbing harder routes in faster times.

Other favorite local climbing areas:
Taylor Canyon, Spring Creek Canyon and Lost Canyon.

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Al Smith said...

awesome! Both of you.

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